Summer Protein Balls

The weather has been wild and wacky in many parts of the country, with extreme fluctuations in temperature of 30 degrees in one day. It’s been too cold and too wet for too long for many of us, which can cause extreme tiredness, an intense craving for carbs (especially sweets), irritability, weight gain and the desire to avoid social situations.

Luckily we can go into damage control, and a great way to combat unpredictable weather is through your diet. Avoiding sugars, eating lots of omega-3 fats, foods containing tryptophan, folic acid, lean proteins and unprocessed foods are excellent for boosting your mood and energy. Here are the top foods that you should be sneaking into your daily diet.

Dark leafy greens
Dark chocolate
Walnuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds
Salmon, trout, mackeral

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